Why is Ontario 511 modernizing?

We are modernizing our traveller information website to create a more user friendly and intuitive service.

As a part of this modernization, the ministry has recently added new features such as personalized accounts, route planning and more data sources.

Where does the information on Ontario 511 come from?

  • Traffic speeds are provided by a third party.
  • Reported road conditions are collected and reported by Area Maintenance Contractors who patrol the highways on behalf of the province.
  • Forecasted driving conditions are compiled by the ministry's weather vendor and are based on atmospheric and pavement conditions.
  • Highway closures and incidents are determined and reported by the OPP and MTO.
  • Roadwork, which includes maintenance and construction, is collected and reported by Ministry of Transportation staff.
  • Cameras are provided by a number of sources.
  • Traffic speeds are provided by a third party.
  • Ferry information come from MTO, as well as private and public agencies.
  • Transit hubs come from GO Transit and the TTC.
  • Carpool lot information is provided by MTO.
  • Service centre information is provided by MTO.
  • Travel information centres come from the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging stations are owned and operated by MTO.
  • HOV/HOT lanes provided by MTO.

Is there a cost for using the Ontario 511 telephone service?

The use of the Ontario 511 telephone service is free. When accessing 511 using a mobile device, normal airtime and roaming charges may apply, according to your wireless service contracts.

Can I use 511 while driving?

Ontario law prohibits the use of handheld devices while driving. Safety is the Ministry of Transportation's number one priority.

How does Ontario 511 meet accessibility standards?

The website provides visual aids and text versions that meet accessibility standards. In addition regular testing and assessments are conducted with approved tools and technology to ensure continual compliance with Ontario accessibility standards.

How do I call Ontario 511 if I am travelling in another province or state?

To call Ontario 511 toll free while driving outside Ontario, dial 1-866-929-4257.

How do I modify route to avoid closure?

Click on the route segment near the closure and drag the waypoint away from the closure.  More than one waypoint may be needed to avoid the closure.

Route with Closure
Route with Closure
Using waypoint to route around Closure
Route without Closure